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Learning Arabic quick & easy




The Method of the "4-Skills"

is based on the scientific research.

The method copies the way we learn our mothertongue.

Talking by that, we can use 40 to 50 words a minute.
To do the same in a foreign language like an engeneer, building correct senteces only by grammar rules, the capacity of human brain is to small.

If we want to talk fluently in any language we must know complete sentences.

Look to the following table






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The picture above shows only a small part of the written word. Instead of this, everybody who knows english, can read the word and knows the meaning.

The word below can be seen completly. Even you know arabic and greece, you will not be able to read and understand the word at once.


This experience is basic for the theory of the

"4 - Skills"

1) You can only recognize what you already know

2) To recognize something you know, you need to get only 25% of an information, 75% is completed by what is already stored in your brain.

This is e.g. the reason, why we can read only very slow, starting to learn a new language and why we can not understand somebody talking very quickly in this new language. Our brain is not yet filled up with the new information.

Consequently teaching has to make it easy for students to get the necessary information first. This exactly happens through

listening, speaking, reading & writing,

the "4-Skills".

And you will hardly forget anything you learned this way. You feel secure about the new language. Every hour you learn more and more to build up a strong basement. You can't loose it anymore and from a certain point you are able to study the language on your own.

At least you can use your new language nearly like your mothertoungue, cause you didn't learn it through translation.